Liberty #7 – nature doesn’t have a scratch on us

diamond stamped foalhiding behind its motherand the two hiding in turn behind rings of barbed wire fencesovergrown verge keeping us as not-quite-friends the sky is lobbing these biggobs of goatlightlike the ones undivided in old paintings of birthright and destinythe knoll behind our vignette prophetic and pathetic too for its loss,how the valley used to … Read moreLiberty #7 – nature doesn’t have a scratch on us

Liberty #3 – a good mood

the Day’s asks are winsome and doable thingsflits and beauties, basic administrationspeeling the blinds back the whole waya cigarette out the window, ducksong, shellacking is out of vogueI have healed myself from Big Things:today the wrack is not for me! aestival child, occupied solely with its glamoursGallivanter of the great chide – submit to goodness … Read moreLiberty #3 – a good mood